Confusing accident in Malaysia sees driver running over man's leg and sending him to clinic -- before fleeing

Hit-and-run cases are a dime a dozen these days and generally invoke a unanimous feeling of resentment.

 However, a unique case in Malaysia had many netizens scratching their heads. 

In a post uploaded by Facebook Nur Hazeyrah, she describes what allegedly happened to a close friend.

The friend had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident at about 10am on Saturday (Dec 10) in Puchong, Malaysia.

 Photos as well as CCTV footages uploaded by Hazyrah show the driver’s car; a white Perodua Myvi. 

However, her friend claimed that after the accident, the culprit was humane enough to send him to a clinic, but took off immediately after that, reports World of Buzz. 

Footages from the CCTV show the victim, in green walking to his motorcycle when the reckless driver suddenly ran over his leg.

The culprit stopped his car immediately, and quickly got him into his car to send him to a clinic for treatment.

However, the driver did not lodge a police report after that but took off, leaving the victim in the clinic. 

Hazeyrah subsequently shared about the incident on her Facebook page, urging the public to help her friend find the driver.

Said the appalled Hazeyrah:

“How could someone just throw away their responsibilities like that?

“Please take pity on my friend and share this post.

“How would you feel if the victim had been your family member?”

After a few hours from her initial posting, Hazeyrah updated her post, informing everyone that the case was solved and thanked everyone who helped in locating the culprit. 

The post has since been removed.