Driver crashes car after going at high speed on PIE and losing control -- but where is he off to?

Submitted by Stomper Vivien, Yan, Edwin

A driver ended up in a crash after travelling at high speed on the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and appearing to lose control of his car suddenly.

Stomper Vivien had shared two videos of what happened with Stomp and Stompers Yan and Edwin also alerted Stomp to the Dec 9 incident.

In the clip, two cars can be seen going at high speeds when the white vehicle suddenly swerved into another lane and crashed into the road divider on the right side, before the impact caused it to come to a halt on the leftmost lane.

The driver can then be seen leaving his vehicle with a bag and walking away, before crossing over the road divider on the left.

Stomper Vivien said, "Witnessed the fastest accident. [The driver] parked and walked away."