Anyone fancy a bug? Bar in Japan serves it with cocktail along with caramelised worms

A Tokya bar offered daring couples and other brave customers a special menu of desserts and drinks made with insects on Sun (Feb 12) in celebration of Valentine's Day.

 Sakumi Makino told the Reuters Television at Duranbar in central Duranbar in central Tokya that they are "crispy like the skin of walnuts and go pretty well with chocolate."

Cranberry and water bug cocktail and caramelised worms with almonds and cashews were served. 

The menu even included whipped cream on some deserts such as the internal fluids of giant Thai water bugs which are known for their sweet taste.

According to Reuters via The Straits Times, bugs are not a common menu item across Japan despite it being a part of a few regional cuisines.

A university student who organised the bug cocktail night, Yuta Shinohara, said that he wanted to promote an alternative food culture.

He said, "I love insects and I think it's really fun to eat them." 

He also added that they were also a sustainable food source.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), insects can be a rich source of fat, protein, vitamins, fibre and minerals.

Across the globe, 2 billion people eat insects and more than 1,900 have been used for food.