Alleged molester gropes Malaysian girl's chest on bus, gets taken straight to police station

A Malaysian girl, Xin Yan, had the last laugh when she cornered her alleged molester on the same bus heading towards Batu Pahat in Johor, and brought him to justice -- in person. 

Yan shared her encounter on Facebook, which has since gone viral. 

In her post, Yan wrote that she had been working in Singapore for more than three years and would usually take a bus from Larkin to Batu Pahat, reports World of Buzz

She confessed that she was a very cautious person, and was quite shaken by the encounter. 

She said: 

“I never thought that I would experienced something similar to what I did today.”

She recalled how she had gotten on the bus and taken a seat.

It was then she felt someone touched her waist, but wrote it off as an accident. 

She looked behind and saw that a guy was seated behind her, but did not feel that anything was amiss. 

Thinking nothing of it, she continued playing with her phone, until she started dozing off. 

Said Yan:

“However, I have a habit of falling asleep on the bus and as I was sleeping, I suddenly felt a hand on my chest!

“I immediately woke up and saw the same guy beside me.

“He was shocked when I woke and scrambled back to his original seat.”

However, Yan was not going to let it go. 

Not by a long shot. 

The girl gathered her courage and confronted the man, shouting.

Yan recounted:

“I turned around and shouted loudly at him, ‘What are you doing?!’

“He looked very scared and explained that he was just adjusting the air conditioner.

She dug further:

“I told him, ‘You don’t have to stand to adjust the air conditioner.

“You can do that sitting down.

“Did you have to be next to me to adjust the air conditioner?”

The man denied doing anything and swore that he never touched her. 

Yan, however, remained unconvinced and told him:

“You don’t have to say so much.

“Whether if you touch me a not, follow me to the police station and you get to explain yourself there.”

She then called her father to go down to the Batu Pahat Bus Terminal with her brother to pick her up.

When the bus arrived at the terminal, the man tried leaving, saying that he needed to leave and that his mother was waiting for him.

Having gotten sick of his tricks, Yan told the bus driver about the incident and the bus driver gladly obliged by barring the man from leaving the bus. 

The bus driver told the man after multiple requests to exit the bus:

“If you really didn’t do it, just go along to the police station and the truth will be revealed.”

An woman told the man to get back to his seat, afraid that he would run, but the man did not budge. 

Finally, another elderly man scolded him and ordered him back to his seat. 

Unfortunately, he escaped through the emergency exit.

Said Yan:

“It happened too fast and we couldn’t react in time. 

“He ran very fast but luckily, just the lady who helped me earlier had gotten down from the bus and saw him running and followed suit. 

“Her boyfriend saw her running and gave chase as well.“

They finally caught the fleeing man, and the group then relocated to a police station. 

Yan said that the man tried escaping once they reach the police station, and was eventually placed in a lockup to thwart any more escape attempts. 

However, Yan also shared another unpleasant experience during the chase:

“I had also gotten down from the bus and ran after him but this guy stopped me and asked what happened. 

“When I told him, he told me to give the Malay guy another chance. 

“I answered him, ‘Uncle, why don’t you allow your daughter to be molested and then ask her to give the guy another chance?’”

The remark immediately silenced the man and he left soon after. 

Finally, on her Facebook post, Yan encouraged others like her to be vigilant and never keep mum if they feel that they have been taken advantage of:

“If you ever have a similar experience as me, do not keep quiet and be afraid of speaking out. 

“Let the people in the bus know what is happening, so that there are extra eyes helping you keep watch over the alleged perpetrator. 

“Please don’t ask anyone to treat sexual assault as a small issue and ask them not to make a report. 

“Because this is an important matter, and you are not the victim, you wouldn’t understand their feelings.”