Man says a woman is molested "because of what she's wearing"

A Stomper was disappointed to see a man posting irresponsible comments on Facebook blaming female molest victims for being targeted by sexual predators because they were dressed inappropriately.

In his Facebook post about two girls getting molested in Yishun on Monday (Apr 3), the man had the caption, “Once again, I bet it’s because of what she’s wearing.”

A police spokesperson confirmed the case. The victims were aged 19 and 10, according to RedWireTimes.

His post, which blames female molest victims for being sexually assaulted, led to a flurry of outraged responses from his female friends.

One of them wondered:

“So, you mean it’s okay if someone touches your gf when she’s out wearing a bikini on the beach?”

The man then replied, “I didn’t say it was ok, but I said it was because of what she wore, she invited it.”

The man also made a very offensive analogy about the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a movement in the United States that have advocated anti-immigration legislation and racist sentiments.

He said:

“It’s the same concept as me wearing a KKK outfit and walking into a town filled with African Americans.”

The Stomper said that she had a “heavy heart” when she saw his post, and called for more awareness on eradicating the victim-blaming mentality.

“As a society, we should stop victim blaming because the main issue we should focus on here is that the molester has got no self-control.

“While the latest topic now is on the Malaysian lawmaker who advocated rapists marrying their victims, we have people in our country thinking that it is not wrong for sexual assault to happen if you’re not decently dressed.

“Then again, who can say what is considered as decent enough because if the rapist had the intent, it doesn’t matter what the victim is wearing isn’t it?”