Flagged: Can you spot anything wrong with these National Day displays in Yishun and Yew Tee?

Submitted by Stomper Paul, Seen

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It is almost National Day and flags are everywhere.

But there are rules about how you can display Singapore's national flag, some more obvious than others.

For example, it should be obvious that you should not hang it upside down.

Less obvious is how these flags were displayed at the Yishun Sunshine Community Garden.

"I spotted this improper display of our state flag while I was walking past," said Stomper Paul, who shared the photos.

"I’m very sure that our state flag is not supposed to touch the ground or grass. This is disrespectful to our state flag.

"Moreover, in this case, the bottom part of the flag will easily get dirtied or soiled."

According to guidelines, the flag should not touch the ground at any time and should not be allowed to get dirty.

In Choa Chu Kang, Stomper Seen spotted a more obvious problem with a National Day display at Yew Tee Point shopping mall on Aug 5.

"There were only four stars on the national flag," he said.

But earlier photos of the display showed the five stars intact.

Because the flag is made entirely out of balloons, which are not the hardiest of things, something likely just happened to one of the balloon stars.

When Stomp visited the mall on Monday (Aug 7), all five stars were back, although they were no longer made of balloons.

This begs the question not addressed in the guidelines, should our national flag be made of balloons in the first place?