Fight at Woodlands coffee shop: 5 men arrested for rioting

Five men have been arrested for their suspected involvement in a fight that broke out in Woodlands on Saturday night (Feb 23).

The incident occurred at Block 167's ST11 Coffee House at around 9pm.

A 47-year-old man was left bloodied after being beaten up during the fight, but declined to be conveyed to a hospital.

His assailants fled prior to the police's arrival.

In a statement on Thursday (Feb 28), the police said they have arrested five men, aged between 24 and 55, for their suspected involvement in a case of rioting.

The group was nabbed on Feb 27 and Feb 28 after officers from Woodlands Police Division established their identities through ground enquiries and investigations.

Police investigations are ongoing.

A video taken by Stomper Danish at around 10pm on Thursday shows police officers questioning people at the coffee shop.

The offence of rioting is punishable by a jail term of up to seven years and caning.