Female jaywalker sent flying after dashing across Balestier Road and getting hit by car

A woman was hit by a car and sent flying from the impact while she was jaywalking along Balestier Road on Monday (July 22).

In response to Stomp queries, the police said they were alerted to the accident, which occurred in the direction of Lavender Road, at 5.29pm.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said the woman was assessed to have suffered minor injuries but declined to be taken to hospital.

A video posted by ROADS.sg on Facebook shows the jaywalker hurriedly crossing the three-lane road, only to be hit by a car that was travelling on the rightmost lane.

The woman was thrown against a stationary car on the adjacent lane before landing on the road.

The drivers of both cars can be seen exiting from their vehicles to check on the woman.

Police investigations are ongoing.