FB user offers $18k Hermès bag for NTUC vouchers for needy families

Facebook user, Pan Fion is offering her Hermès Birkin bag for $13,888 worth of NTUC vouchers which she intends to spend on needy families. 

Speaking to Stomp in a phone interview, Fion said that she has been doing door-to-door visitations every Sunday morning for years. 

The families usually stay in one-room rental flats and are unable to cope financially. 

The door-to-door visits, she said, allow her to understand the families and their needs more.

Said Fion:

“Sometimes it’s very difficult. People donate toothpaste and brushes to elderly folks with no teeth, or canned food to families without a can opener even.

“Even with items like instant noodles, some families are too poor to even afford their utility bills. No gas, or water, how do you expect them to cook?”

As such, Fion often brings the families to shop for the groceries themselves. 

This simple method allows her to identify the immediate needs and help to address them better.

Asked why she has placed her beloved bag up for the vouchers, Fion said:

“It’s not strictly an exchange. Don’t be mistaken. 

“I think we all want to do good, but sometimes there are people who can’t help feeling that they receive nothing even if they offer help to others.

“That’s why I’m giving the bag because I understand that it’s not easy. It’s because I want to reward the people who want to do good.”

She also revealed that the bag cost around $18,000 and was a prized item. 

However, she recognises that the bag itself could bring about a lot more good to the families that need them. 

In an update on Fion’s post, she also mentioned a kind individual who responded to her post, and donated $11,000 vouchers but rejected the bag.

Said Fion:

“It really is a blessing. It’s recognising your own abilities and being able to do good with that. That’s what I want to encourage.”

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