Family whose baby stroller got stuck in MRT platform gap gets new one plus safety tips

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The old one could no longer be used.

The family whose baby stroller got stuck in MRT platform gap got a new one along with some safety tips.

On Aug 20, Stomper SY and her family were alighting from a crowded train at Serangoon station when one of the stroller's wheels went into the gap.

Fortunately, her baby was not in the stroller at the time.

"The stroller was bent so badly that one of the supporting rods was broken and the stroller can't be used anymore," said the Stomper.

After Stomp reported the incident, a shop called Infantree contacted Stomp to help reach out to the family, who had bought the stroller from Infantree.

On Saturday (Sept 2), Infantree replaced the damaged stroller with a new one.

The Stomper said: "We have decided to get the same stroller and we are pleased to learn some safety tips from Infantree, such as lift up the front wheels when crossing the gap of the platform, choose the first and the last train cabin to avoid the crowd, et cetera."

A spokesman for Infantree told Stomp: "We are delighted to hear that the baby is safe and sound.

"Before we approached them, the family contacted my colleague, looking to get the same stroller for replacement.

"While we have strollers conforming to the Consumer Goods Safety Requirements, recommended by Enterprise Singapore, we also need parents to take precautions to avoid accidents."

Additional tips that Infantree shared include locking the front wheels to limit turning when crossing the platform and never hanging anything on the stroller handle.

The spokesman added: "Maybe SMRT can consider prioritising the last and first train cabins for families with strollers and the handicapped."