Stroller stuck in platform gap at Serangoon station: Mum grateful to commuters, MRT staff who helped

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It was every parent's nightmare.

A baby stroller got stuck in the platform gap at the Serangoon MRT station as a family was alighting the train on Aug 20.

Stomper SY said it happened after 5pm.

"The train was a bit crowded as usual," she recounted.

"When we tried to get out, a few people remained statues, not moving an inch out of the way. As my husband was pushing the baby stroller out from the train, somehow the platform gap was so big that the stroller's front wheel got stuck and he – with a few others from behind him – stumbled.

"The stroller was bent so badly that one of the supporting rods was broken and the stroller can't be used anymore.

"Until now, I still thank god that my kid didn't want to sit inside and kept asking for a hug. I couldn't imagine what would've happened to her or how injured she would be if she were inside the stroller at the time of the accident.

"I am grateful and thankful to a few passengers who helped my husband when he fell down and a few of them tried so hard to save as much as they could of the items that fell below the platform.

"There was a group of youngsters who were willing to miss the train and helped us to inform the SMRT ground staff about the accident.

"I appreciate the prompt response of the ground staff. They came to us and checked if we needed an ambulance for my husband's injury."

Some of the items, including an umbrella and her daughter's blanket, that fell into the gap could not be saved.

"Thank god we managed to save her favorite bunny," said the Stomper.

She wrote to SMRT about the incident on the same day.

Two days later, she told Stomp: "SMRT called to check if both my husband and baby are all good.

"The team also shared that they are looking into this matter to avoid such accidents happening again. It’s good to hear from SMRT that they are working on the issue."

Stomp has contacted SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for more info.

On the LTA website, it states: "All our MRT and LRT stations in Singapore are barrier-free. To make it even safer, wherever possible, there are rubber gap fillers between trains and platforms to reduce the risk of commuters in wheelchairs, PMAs or with strollers slipping into or getting caught in the gaps."

The Stomper said: "I am not writing this to complain about anyone, but would like to get the attention of parents out there to be even more careful when getting on and off the train. The stroller I used came with big wheels and still the accident happened."

In January, a woman’s wheelchair got stuck in the platform gap at Botanic Gardens MRT station on the Circle Line and commuters pulled her to safety.