Fallen tree at Bukit Batok blocks motorists from entering and exiting carpark

Submitted by Stomper Wayne

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Yet another tree has fallen amidst the heavy rain and strong winds that have hit Singapore this week, this time at Bukit Batok.

Stomper Wayne alerted Stomp to a tree that fell next to Block 385 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 on Friday morning (May 10).

"I headed down at about 6.30am when I saw the tree," said Wayne.

"All vehicles exiting and entering the carpark couldn't pass through."

Wayne told Stomp that police officers arrived at about 7am.

Stomp understands officers helped to move the tree out of the way.

"The recent heavy downpour has caused many trees to topple over," said Wayne.

"We could hear trees falling at the forested area near my block this morning as well."

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