'Errant' cyclists who encountered wild dogs 'brought it upon themselves,' says welfare group founder

Submitted by Stomper Samantha

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A woman is offering a different perspective to an incident where a couple of cyclists fell off their bikes after a group of wild dogs ran towards them.

Stomper earlier reported that one of the cyclists was taken to hospital after he fell into a drain along Shipyard Road on Feb 15.

In a video, the two cyclists are seen cycling along the road when two dogs start running towards them.

The cyclists lose balance with one falling onto the road and the other hitting a kerb before falling into a drain by the side of the road.

The dogs then return to their pack.

After reading the article, Samantha from Welfare For Our Singapore Stray Dogs decided to visit the accident site to see how wild dogs in the area would react to passing cyclists.

She said: "It was my first time visiting that area as it was so far!"

"Of course we wouldn't be able to tell how the dogs would react but I had to take a chance as I heard many people say the dogs are not aggressive and were pissed that these two errant cyclists were not giving the correct story.

"I hid behind where the dogs and no one else could see me and managed to take this video even though I waited quite a while for a cyclist to pass by."

Samantha shared a video of a cyclist passing by a couple of dogs that remained resting on a patch of grass.

"Do you see the reaction of the dogs to the cyclist?

"I rest my case."

Samantha also took another video at the same location at night to show how the dogs do not react to a motorist riding past them.

She added that the cyclists were "inconsiderate" and believes they were "blasting music" while riding along Shipyard Road, causing the dogs to run towards them.

"If this was your home, would you like someone coming at midnight and blasting music?" she asked.

"No right? So we shouldn't do unto others what we don't want others to do unto us, correct?

"This is proof that the errant cyclists brought it upon themselves.

"Fact of the matter is that is the dogs’ home.

"There is nothing wrong with their presence.

"Let’s show some respect when in another being’s home, remember what other lovely members on cycling groups have advised, don’t be obstinate and stubborn, be kind to all of God’s creations and all will be well wherever you cycle."