Elderly man stops waiting car from parking in lot at The Heeren, says 'f*** you' to driver

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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Two men were embroiled in a dispute over a parking lot at The Heeren on Dec 15 at about 6pm.

Stomper Lee alerted Stomp to a video of the incident that was posted on SG Road Vigilante's YouTube channel. It was also shared on their Facebook group page.

In the video, the cam car driver is waiting for a lot.

When he moves forward to park, a Toyota car that was dropping off passengers suddenly starts reversing, apparently to park in the same lot.

An elderly man then alights from the Toyota and approaches the cam car driver.

When he points at the Toyota, the cam car driver insists that the car was dropping off its passengers but the elderly man argued that they had been 'waiting' for the same lot.

The driver says: "Please lah, all your family is there. You dropped them off and you tell me that you're waiting?"

The man then says: "F*** you."

The camcar driver gives up and drives off but not without saying: "You're an old man and still say 'f*** you'? Walao eh. Your kind of behaviour. Wah, joker sia."

The driver of the Toyota then calls the cam car driver a 'b******'.

The camcar driver shouts: "You f***ingĀ dropping people off and you tell me that you're waiting!"

According to the caption, the camcar driver said that parking was 'hard' due to it being the holiday season at Orchard Road.

He said he eventually gave in because there was 'no point reasoning with such people'.

Although some netizens said it was the right thing to just let it go, others said he should have stood his ground.

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