E-biker rides against traffic and 'pops out of nowhere' in Geylang at 2am

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A driver was travelling along a road in Geylang during wee hours when he had a near-collision with an e-biker who seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

A Stomper shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred on May 15, at around 2am.

The Stomper, who wished to remain anonymous, recounted: "Idiot rider popped out of absolutely nowhere from the opposite direction at a fairly fast pace when I was trying to filter out to another lane as a car had stopped at the side.

"This happened in the middle of the night at 2am.

"Not only should riders not ride in the opposite direction of traffic, but they should keep to the side and obviously slow down at blind spots like these.

"Such riders are selfish and have no due care for other road users. I’m just glad I was changing lanes slowly.

"Drivers, do be careful when on the roads."