Pedestrian walks in front of car exiting Ion Orchard carpark, then slams bonnet and hurls vulgarities

Submitted by Stomper Victor

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A pedestrian was caught on video hitting a car's bonnet and hurling vulgarities at the driver and his wife.

Stomper Victor shared with Stomp that he was driving out from Ion Orchard's carpark on Wednesday night (July 12) when a man crossed the road without checking for any oncoming vehicles.

"He was looking at his phone while crossing at a non-zebra crossing line with signage telling pedestrians to 'watch out for vehicles' and floor paint with the word 'look →'," said Victor.

"I managed to brake in time but this guy went on to hit my car and walked off."

In the video, the guy is heard shouting, 'Have some f***ing sense' before Victor exits his car to confront him and more shouting ensues.

"When I confronted the guy, he acted like an idiot claiming to drive a Ferrari 458 and then for nothing shouted at my wife, calling her a bitch and whore when she did not do anything but just keep quiet."

The man was also heard shouting at Victor's wife telling her to 'teach your husband manners'.

"Thereafter, the man walked off," said the Stomper.

"As my car was blocking the exit, I went on to shift my car and he left.

"I told him that I was going to lodge a police report but he claimed that he is a Singaporean driving a Ferrari 458 and walked off shouting at my wife.

"This guy got on my nerves but sadly there's nothing much I can do."

Victor added that he did not report the matter to the police in the end as the man left before he could call the police.

"When I checked online, there's likely no action that I could take against such a pedestrian so no point reporting to the police."