Duo bring life to Orchard Road with their smooth dance moves while crossing busy junction

Dance like no one is watching?

Well, two youths attracted the attention of dozens of bystanders and thousands of netizens after they showed off their smooth dance moves while crossing a busy junction at Orchard Road.

Twitter user @_geeekstink posted a video of the two young women busting out their synchronised moves from the top of a double-decker bus on Friday (Sept 16).

"Shout out to these 2 for absolutely obliterating Orchard Road today," he wrote.

At publishing time, the video has over 312,000 views.

Once the youths reach the other side of the road, one of them gives the thumbs-up sign to a guy at the open space at Design Orchard, opposite H&M. He returns her sign.

The duo were later featured in a video posted on @orchardroadfashion's TikTok and Instagram page on Monday (Sept 18), set to the music of K7's Come Baby Come.

The dancers are identified and tagged in the social media posts.

The video has already garnered over 317,500 views on TikTok

Although some naysayers said the youths were being a 'nuisance', most netizens enjoyed their performance and encouraged them to keep on dancing.