Dude, we see you: Toyota driver reverses into parked van at Jurong West carpark

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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Stomper Anon witnessed a Toyota Altis driver reversing into a van that was parked at the carpark between Blocks 810 and 812 in Jurong West Street 81 yesterday night (Oct 8).

Anon said he was at the scene at around 8.55pm when he saw what happened.

The incident was also recorded by Anon's in-car camera.

Said the Stomper: "A Toyota Altis driver, with licence plate number SLD932Y, was reversing when he hit a parked van.

"The driver parked in another lot, went to check the damage on the van, then left the carpark. He should have at least left a note."

Anon also said that by sharing this, he hopes to encourage motorists to be more responsible.

"My car was previously the victim of a hit-and-run accident too and it cost me over $400," he added.