Driver knocks over motorcycle at carpark opposite Wheelock Place, then just drives off

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

A car driver was seen knocking over a motorcycle at the open carpark opposite Wheelock Place on Sep 28 at 2.30pm.

A Stomper was at the carpark and saw what had happened.

"I was talking to my girlfriend when the driver suddenly knocked over this parked motorcycle," he told Stomp.

"We were so shocked as it happened in front of our eyes.

"We saw the driver reverse his car a bit and I thought he would step out of his vehicle. However, he  justmoved off and out of the carpark.

"I quickly took my phone and caught his licence plate number, SDP8022C.

"Another biker came to me and asked if the driver just drove off. We both tried waving at the driver to attract his attention but he did not stop. We then helped to pick up the bike and left the scene."

The Stomper added that if the owner of the motorcycle needs a witness, he is willing to help him or her out.