Hit-and-run damages car at AMK carpark -- but that's what cameras are for

Submitted by Stomper Anthony

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Stomper Anthony was driving out of the open carpark at Block 231 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 on Aug 20 when he saw a car reverse into another vehicle and drive off.

Thankfully, Anthony managed to capture the incident on his car's dashboard camera.

"I wanted to share this so that the owner of SLG5065E can claim damages from the person who hit his car," said the Stomper.

He added that it looked to be brand new.

In the video, the driver of the car with licence plate number SKS1439G, can be seen reversing out of a parking lot.

The driver went too far and ended up hitting the car parked behind him.

However, instead of getting out of his vehicle to inspect the damage, he proceeded to drive off.

The incident left a huge dent in the front left of the Honda Vezel.

Watch the video below.