Van driver brakes abruptly, then goes against traffic at Republic Bvld

A van driver jammed on brakes, shifted to reverse gear and drove against traffic flow on Sep 30 at 8:08am. 

A video was posted on Facebook page with a quote from Nicholas Lim, the one who sent in the video. 

Nicholas said, "On 30/09/2016 @ 0808hrs, while driving along Republic Boulevard, towards Ophir Rd and ECP Changi, this dangerous van with the licence number, GBF834E, stopped suddenly on the slip road, and shifted to reverse gear.

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"Worst of all, he drove on and made a very dangerous move, turning right, against the traffic flow direction onto Ophir Rd,.

"Luckily, there were not many cars during that time. But what he did was very, very wrong and very, very dangerous."

Watch the video below.