Identity crisis? These cars at Blk 715 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 think they are motorcycles

Submitted by Stomper Furqan

These cars were spotted parked at the motorcycle lots at Blk 715 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 at around 3.45pm -- and the best part? There was a multistory car park right next to the motorcycle parking lot.

Stomper Furqan, a motorcyclist himself, faced difficulties parking his bike at the lot due to the narrow space provided by the two cars.

"These drivers are really inconsiderate, the car park is just 3 mins away and the could not have parked there?

"This makes life really difficult for us (motorcyclists).

"Though they had their hazard lights turned on, this is still a motorcycle parking lot. 

"I hope for car drivers to be more considerate and not to follow what they did. They should not be parking their vehicles wherever they want to as if they own the place.

"They need to abide by the traffic rules.