Driver wants jogger who allegedly hit and spat at his car to apologise

Submitted by Stomper SW

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A driver has admonished a pedestrian whom he got into a dispute with along Alexandra Road on Tuesday (Apr 19).

Stomper SW shared dashcam footage of the incident and said he wants the pedestrian to apologise to him.

SW recounted: "This self-entitled man popped out from the pedestrian pavement to jog across the road illegally. I had turned out of the SingPost branch along Alexandra Road and was trying to filter to the right lane when he 'popped out' of the pavement onto the road.

"He expected me to stop my vehicle and give way to him so that he can cross the road illegally.

"There was no pedestrian crossing and all he wanted was to jog diagonally across the road towards a pedestrian crossing which is more than 20 metres away. No one would expect anybody to cross a busy road like this.

"Attached is a video showing his insane crossing of the road. I hope his employer will see this video and advise him to apologise to me.

"He was doing something illegal and dangerous and he was very rude. He banged my car windows with his fists a few times and even spat onto my passenger window and car door."

SW said he had to wash his car after returning home as his car door and windows were full of the pedestrian's saliva and fingerprints.

He added: "I don’t see why this kind of behaviour should be condoned."