Driver trapped after 5-storey tall tree falls on car in Jurong, escapes through window

The trunk of a five-storey tall tree at a Jurong carpark suddenly snapped, and it fell onto a car below, prompting the alarmed driver to escape through a window.

The incident happened at a carpark behind Block 544, Jurong West Street 42 on Wednesday (July 26) at around 9pm, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao.

The 23-year-old private car driver told reporters that he was resting, having just sent a passenger to Jurong West.

He said that although he had noticed many small twigs falling on his car moments before the tree fell, he attributed it to the wind and paid no attention to it. 

However, not long after, he heard a cracking sound coming from the back of the vehicle, and he realised that the trunk of a tree had spilt open.

He said:

“I didn’t have enough time to react.

“The tree had already fallen before I knew what was happening and the leaves covered the whole car.”

He added that the car doors could not be opened and he had to escape through a window:

“Luckily the tree didn’t fall directly on the roof of the car, or I wouldn’t have escaped unscathed.”

After the incident, contractors spent two hours moving the tree away.