Driver snaps photo of building during downpour -- but what's that at the corner?

Stomper Ah Piao snapped a photo of Senoko Incineration Plant while travelling along Gambas Avenue on Jun 8 at around 6pm. A friend however, noticed something peculiar in the photo.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said he had taken the photo with the intention of showing how visibility was affected by the heavy rain at that point of time.

A friend however, saw a shadowy figure at the bottom of the photo.

Said the Stomper in a WhatsApp message:

"Ghostly human figure spotted in the middle of the road during a heavy downpour?  

"When I took the picture, I remembered there was nothing at the right lane.

"My aim was just to show the Senoko Incineration Plant to reference the visibility. 

"However, one of my friends spotted the ghostly figure. 

"Look! No legs. It looks like a woman figure. Omg!"