Man finds 1.2-metre long 'monster' lurking in fish tank after leaving it uncleaned for 2 years

If you own a fish tank and find yourself leaving it uncleaned for extended periods of time, you might want to see what happened to a man in the USA.

According to Acid Cow, the man decided to check on his fish tank after it remained uncleaned for two years.

To his horror, an aquatic 'monster' emerged from some rocks as he was cleaning the aquarium's glass panels.

The creature is about 1.2 metres long and it resembled the huge centipedes you see in horror movies.

The freakish organism was identified to be a bobbit worm, reported The Daily Mail.

It is known to ambush other sea creatures that consume fish and coral.

The fish tank owner first caught a glimpse of it after his corals started disappearing.

It was when he decided to clean out his aquarium that he saw the entirety of the monstrous bobbit worm.