Uber driver accepts ride request, ends up in Penang cemetery

An Uber driver in Malaysia recently became an overnight sensation after sharing a encounter about accepting a ride booking from a 'passenger' in Mount Erskine, Penang.

The driver thought nothing of the booking and headed to pick up his passenger even though it was close to midnight, reports Malaysian Digest.

However, after following the location shared by passenger on the Grab application, the driver ended up outside a large Chinese cemeter.

In an interview with China Press,  the driver said he checked his app to confirm that he had indeed arrived at the stated destination.

"As I followed the map to the pick-up point, I found myself near the Chinese cemetery," he told journalists.

He proceeded to wait in the car for a few minutes as he thought that the passenger was perhaps tending to a tomb and would arrive soon.

However, his 'passenger' did show up, though it was nothing he was prepared for.

"After about five minutes, there was a sweet scent in my car," he told China Press.

"Since I was already there, I wanted to get the fare. So I tapped 'Start Trip' on the app and began driving."

The indicated destination was less than 100m away, which only made things creepier.

After completing the job, he felt increasingly anxious and stopped at a nearby petrol kiosk to wash his face.

Upon returning to his car, he realised that the scent was still inside so he decided to speak out.

"I suspected something had followed me from the cemetery. I decided not to waste time feeling scared and uncertain and spoke up.

"I said that I need to go back home now. 'You' better get out, remember don't follow me back'," he remembers saying.

The scent reportedly disappeared after about five minutes.

The driver told journalists that he would continue in this line of work because “ghosts were once human too and there is nothing to be afraid of”.