Driver smoking by idling car in Bukit Merah is blocking pathway and polluting air, says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Stella

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Both the person and the vehicle were emitting pollutants.

A driver smoking by her parked car near Block 113 Jalan Bukit Merah on Wednesday (Jan 4) at 5.15pm irked a resident there.

Stomper Stella shared videos of the woman in a black top and black shorts standing and squatting next to a white Suzuki with the hazard lights blinking while smoking a cigarette.

"I do not know why drivers smoke and wait outside while blocking the pathway," said the Stomper.

"The lady kept smoking for hours while the engine of the car was running. I believe she was wasting petrol while polluting the environment."

The car was parked next to double yellow lines, which prohibit parking and waiting at all times on the road.

According to the Land Transport Authority, parking means stopping a vehicle other than to immediately pick up and drop off passengers, goods or luggage. A waiting vehicle can be considered to be parking even if the driver is present, or if the engine is running.

Under the Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions) Regulations, it is an offence for the driver of a motor vehicle to leave the engine of a vehicle idling while it is stationary, for reasons other than traffic conditions.

Owners who leave their vehicle engines idling can be fined up to $2,000 for the first offence and $5,000 for subsequent offences, if convicted in court.