Driver of damaged Honda car appealing for witnesses and videos of hit-and-run at ORTO carpark

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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Stomper Tan is looking for eyewitnesses or videos of a suspected hit-and-run involving her black Honda City, which she had parked at ORTO in Yishun on Dec 21.

She later returned to the carpark and found her vehicle damaged.

Her car's license plate number starts with SJY 62.

She said: "I left my car there from about 7.30pm to 11.30pm.

"When I returned back to my car to leave the place, I realised that the door could not be opened fully.

"I thought something was stuck and tried to remove the items placed near the door, but to no avail."

That is when she saw a white dent on the driver seat, which disallowed the door from being opened wide.

She told Stomp: "I think there must have been someone who had hit my car and left while it was parked there.

"Please help spread this appeal to people who you think might have been in the area at that time.

"Thanks in advance to those who will help."

If you have any information about Stomper Tan's black Honda City at that time, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.