Driver makes 'vulgar' hand gesture after 'hogging' rightmost lane, jamming on brakes

Submitted by Stomper Denzel

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Stomper Denzel was agitated when a driver that was driving in front of him along the Kallang–Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) tunnel played the braking game and even showed him the middle finger.

The incident happened on Saturday (Dec 16) at around 10.40pm.

According to Denzel, he had high-beamed the other driver and indicated at him to give way.

"He was hogging the lane and going at about 75 to 80kmh," said the Stomper.

Denzel said that the driver retaliated by playing the braking game and sticking his right hand out of the driver's side window to flash a "vulgar hand sign" after Denzel horned at him for suddenly braking.

"Would you be agitated by his actions?" asked the Stomper.

Watch the video below.