Man stops car in middle of road at Toa Payoh Lor 1 to confront other driver after getting honked at

Submitted by Stomper Benedict

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Stomper Benedict was driving along Toa Payoh Lorong 1 on Nov 11 at around 9.06am when the car in front of his suddenly stopped.

Feeling that it was unnecessary, the Stomper sounded his horn at the driver in front of him.

"There were no vehicles coming from either direction and he suddenly stopped there without any indication of his intention and purpose so I horned at him," said Benedict in a phone interview with Stomp.

However, the next thing he knew, the driver of the Toyota Camry stepped out of his vehicle and walked over to Benedict's car.

"He came to my window looking like he wanted to engage in a quarrel but of course, I ignored him without lowering my driver's side window."

The Stomper added that he did not want to get into any fight.

"Nowadays, there seem to be many of such road bullies on the road so I hope more people can take note of this kind of drivers."

Watch the video below.