Volkswagen driver hits Merc at Sin Ming traffic junction, flees while guy is on phone

Submitted by Stomper Mike

Stomper Mike is looking for the driver of Volkswagen SKJ0155U in a hit-and-run accident at a traffic junction near Sin Ming Industrial Estate.  

The incident which happened on Monday (April 9), around 3.20pm, was captured on a dashboard camera on Mike’s Mercedes.

According to Mike, he was driving in the rightmost lane and had stopped his car at the traffic junction after the lights turned red.

As shown in the videos, a Volkswagen then arrives behind Mike’s car and stops. 

Suddenly it moves forward again, hitting the rear of Mike’s Mercedes.

A man wearing a green T-shirt then alights the Volkswagen to inspect the damage done to the Mercedes. 

According to Mike, the collision caused a small dent, and he intended to settle the matter privately.

Just then, Mike received a call and went over his car to take the call. 

Seizing the opportunity, the man suddenly got back into his car, reversed the vehicle, and drove off, beating the red light in the process. 

Said Mike:

“I thought it was a bad day because I didn’t have the car plate or his contact number.

“Luckily, my camera captured everything. 

“It could have been a small matter.“