Driver 'apparently took offence at being overtaken', plays braking game with Stomper's car on KPE

Submitted by Stomper Axl

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A Toyota driver allegedly drove dangerously to prevent a car from going ahead after being overtaken on the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) on National Day.

Stomper Axl was in the car that the driver targeted.

"We were a two-car convoy, heading towards Marina South Pier to catch the fireworks in the evening," recounted the Stomper.

"I was in my parents' car and we were following the lead of my brother's car because my father didn't know the way.

"On the KPE, my father had done a routine overtaking of a car because he was losing sight of my brother's car.

"The driver of this white Toyota apparently took offence at being overtaken and took it personally as a challenge to his ego. He began to engage in dangerous driving behaviour with a series of manoeuvres to cut us off and prevent us from getting on our way.

"He overtook just in front of us. When we tried to move into the right lane, the driver signalled right just as we were about to overtake him and cut us off. If we moved back to the middle lane, he would signal left and cut us off again.

"At one point, he played the braking game with us, slowing down his car deliberately in the middle of the highway and flashing his brake lights, which caused my father to take evasive action and engaged in emergency braking."

Sharing a video of the white Toyota in front of their car in the KPE tunnel, the Stomper said: "Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture a large part of this dangerous behaviour, except the last part where again he abruptly cut us off and would not allow us to move past his car. This dangerous behaviour speaks for itself."

He added: "When you add that my father, 76, is an elderly man, whose reflexes might not be as quick as a younger man, driving a car with my 72-year-old mother, my pregnant wife and two sleeping children, you can imagine the catastrophe the Toyota driver might have caused to three generations of my family just because of his ego and reckless driving."