'Mabok' driver drives like tortoise, plays braking game on PIE

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Few things can drive one crazy like a reckless driver.

A Stomper was incredulous at the shenanigans of a car driver he encountered on the Pan Island Expressway on Friday afternoon (Feb 17).

In a video shared by the Stomper, the driver struggles to stay in his lane and repeatedly puts his brakes on for no apparent reason.

"Aiyo this fella ah, driving like tortoise, playing braking braking," the Stomper is heard saying.

"Alamak nak kena stomp la dia ni. (Oh my goodness, he wants to get Stomped.)"

His companion is heard saying the driver is 'mabok', which means drunk in Malay.

"I'm going to Stomp you, bloody hell," the Stomper continues.

"You left right, left right.

"What are you doing, man?

"Kepala hotak kau ah. (What are you, stupid?)

"Uncle, want to sleep don't drive la.