Mercedes driver plays 'You take video of me, I take video of you' with Stomper in MCE tunnel

Submitted by Stomper Nommmycake

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You are not supposed to use your phone when you are driving.

A Mercedes-Benz driver used his phone to take a video of another car where someone was taking a video of him in the Marina Coast Expressway (MCE) tunnel.

Stomper Nommmycake shared a dash cam video of the Mercedes before the incident and another video of the Mercedes driver taken by the Stomper's girlfriend in the passenger seat.

"This happened on May 30 around 7.38pm at Shenton Way towards MCE and East Coast Parkway," said the Stomper.

"This car was driving on two lanes and nearly hit the right rear of my car. Out of nowhere, the driver high-beamed me for no reason as seen in the video.

"After I drove to the left side of his car, I realised he was using his phone and he pointed his middle finger at me when I spotted him.

"My girlfriend took a clear video of him using his phone. This is a very serious punishable offence, driving while using his phone and endangering other road users."

The Stomper said he has made a police report.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.