Drama, glamour and acceptance in ITE's 25th Anniversary musical, featuring over 250 students

In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, ITE produced its eighth musical, 'Letters to ITE', based on the story of a group of students who are themselves, preparing for a musical, and the ensuing drama behind the scene.

The cast, wholly made up of ITE students and staff, featured students from courses such as Performance Production, Beauty Wellness, Hair Fashion & Design, and Digital Audio Visual Production, who put their skill sets to good use. 

Over 250 students from all three Colleges were involved in the Musical, with Guest of Honour, Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim gracing the event.

Through the musical which ran from July 6 to July 8, ITE hoped audiences would get a glimpse into the struggles faced by the students in their lives, and highlight issues of identity, self-esteem and social acceptance. 

The musical was also named as such, drawing inspiration from the letters written by the student cast members to ITE.