Dozens of parcels left scattered and unattended at Woodlands HDB block's void deck

Submitted by Stomper Doutono

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A Woodlands resident was concerned to see dozens of parcels left unattended at the void deck of Block 335 Woodlands Street 32 on April 11.

Stomper Doutono said she walked down to get some groceries at about 10am when she saw the parcels scattered around the void deck.

She added that several of the parcels appeared to be from Shopee sellers.

"I felt that it was very dangerous for them to leave parcels like that as they may get stolen," the Stomper said.

"Even after I came back from my grocery shopping, the parcels were left exactly how it was.

"I just wanted to highlight this so the delivery companies will be able to prevent such cases in the future."

This is not the first time passers-by have expressed concern over delivery parcels left unattended at HDB void decks.

In January, another Woodlands resident called the police after seeing two dozen parcels strewn next to a Pick parcel delivery locker.