Concerned Woodlands resident calls police after dozens of parcels found strewn in void deck

Submitted by Stomper Concerned

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The police were called after dozens of parcels were found strewn in a Woodlands void deck.

Stomper Concerned shared photos including one showing two police officers at the scene.

"I went to Block 347 Woodlands Avenue 3 void deck on Jan 6 just before noon to take shelter from the rain during my morning walk and saw some two dozen parcels strewn next to a yellow locker," recounted the Stomper.

The locker that the Stomper was referring to was a Shopee collection point.

"As I waited for the rain to ebb, no deliveryman came to put those parcels into the locker," continued the Stomper.

"I called the police. They came in 30 minutes, looked at the parcels and said they were being delivered by Ninja Van. One of the two said he saw a Ninja Van at nearby Block 350 when he came. We waited. Another two police officers joined us some 20 minutes later. Before leaving, I got their assurance that the parcels wouldn't be left unattended on the floor."

Stomp understands that the police advised the delivery person, who later returned, not to leave the parcels unattended and no further action was taken.

Stomp has contacted Ninja Van for more info.