'Doctor' calls Grab driver's mother a 'prostitute' after allegedly booking new ride without cancelling first

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A Grab driver got into an argument with a woman and her family after she apparently booked a ride, but later booked a separate ride with another phone without cancelling the first.

According to the driver, Facebook user Alex Soh Wei Siang's post, the incident happened on Sunday (April 22) at about 10.10am, and the woman had booked a ride on his car SLT5391R from Block 739 Yishun Avenue 5 to the Yishun Swimming Complex.

After Alex arrived at the block, the woman reportedly messaged him, asking him to wait five minutes for her.

Alex said he waited, and the woman called him again, saying that she was already downstairs but could not see his car. 

Alex then gave her his exact location and suggested that she walked out of the shelter so he could notice her instead.

However, the woman allegedly hung up on him and would not pick up his calls after that.

Alex waited for a while and later saw the woman and her family approaching another Grab car, realising that they had booked a new ride without cancelling first cancelling his. 

According to Grab's policy listed on its website, users can make up to two cancellations on the app within a seven-day period without charges but will be charged $5 on the third and subsequent cancellation made within the period. 

Alex quickly stopped them from leaving and took videos and photos of the woman and her family as she hurled insults and threatened to call the police, as well as her husband. 

Throughout their exchange, the woman and her family kept hurling vulgarities and a series of insults at the Grab driver:

  • The woman cursed the Grab driver’s ‘whole family to die’, and for him to die in a car crash

  • She shouted ‘fu** you’ to the driver and swatted at the driver, seemingly to remove the phone from his hand

  • The woman and her family then left the car and headed for the void deck after the second Grab driver refused to pick them up

  • One of the woman’s son called him an 'Ah Gua' which translates to a transsexual in dialect

  • The woman also cursed the driver to be childless and infertile  

  • She then said that the driver has no money and that she would ‘throw money’ at him if he begged like a dog

  • The driver taunted her by telling her ‘come on’ repeatedly

  • She taunted the driver to hit her

  • She then called the driver’s mother a prostitute 

  • The woman then told her children that she was a doctor and the driver was foolish to 'mess' with them

  • Her son then called the driver’s mother a prostitute

Throughout the incident, the Grab driver lamented that he was unlucky to have run into such customers early in the morning.

He also warned other Grab drivers to be aware of this family if they happen to book a ride on their vehicles. 

Alex has since removed the post, but the videos have been reuploaded by other pages. 

When contacted by Stomp, Grab said it will not be issuing a statement on the incident.

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