Woman posts multiple videos of her arguments with Grab driver -- but it all blows up in her face

A woman posted multiple videos of her dispute with a Grab driver on Facebook, but netizens are not exactly taking her side and only have criticism for her.

According to Chen Yu Xi, she had told the Honda driver to drive carefully, "keep a safe distance" and "avoid accidents" because he appeared to be distracted.

This apparently caused him to raise his voice and repeatedly ask what her problem was.

She added, "He still told me if I not happy then just get out lah!!!"

The altercation continued when Chen got out of the vehicle, while still filming what was going on and complaining about her driver.

"He says that he is going to involve the police and I am fine with that," said Chen, at which the point the driver cut her off and told her to pay the fare.

The duo's argument then got even more heated as the driver said Chen did not have money, which was why she was refusing to pay.

Telling the driver to go ahead and call the police, Chen then stalked off angrily and approached two onlookers to continue her complaint.

Chen also wrote in a separate post, "Why my life always so happening??? He even want to come out his car and beat me up!!! HI to all my friends, can you all tell me why he is so unreasonable????? Mood swing or what???"

Many netizens have responded to Chen's Facebook posts and videos, with many slamming her and calling her names. Some also accused her of wanting a free ride while others made fun of her speech.

"Attention seeker!!!! Dun post on the internet with ur uglam voice la ewwww..." commented one user.

Chen later posted another video to defend herself. According to her, she had no problem with the driver and only wanted him to drive carefully.

"I don't think I'm wrong in any way but I don't understand why you all are all scolding me. It's not very fair to do this," she said.

Unfortunately, the criticism only continued to pour in.

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