Diner pays $5.70 for 'damn expensive' vegetarian meal at Sengkang General Hospital

Submitted by Stomper Sky

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Does economy rice in Singapore still live up to its name of being economic?

Stomper Sky was shocked to be charged $5.70 for his lunch at Sengkang General Hospital's Koufu food court on Monday (Aug 7).

He had ordered brown rice with ladyfinger, cabbage and mock fish from the vegetarian stall.

Sky said: "This rice cost me $5.70. It's damn expensive.

"I have been to this stall often. Last time, it was standard mixed vegetable rice prices, but now it has gone up double."

Asked how much he was expecting to pay or what would be a reasonable price, Sky told Stomp: "Less than $4. Around $3.70 to $4."