Diner gets scolded for requesting no chicken breast: 'Staff smashed knife on wooden board'

Submitted by Stomper Joseph

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A customer said staff of a chicken rice stall told him off and behaved aggressively – all because he requested no breast meat in his order.

The incident occurred at Yishun 925 Chicken Rice's outlet at Block 259 Bukit Panjang Ring Road on Dec 6, at around 12.42pm.

Stomper Joseph said he had gone to the coffee shop stall to buy a two-person set meal for $10.

He recounted: "I asked for no chicken breast and requested other parts of the chicken instead.

"The auntie insisted there must be a mixture of chicken breast. I asked why as a customer, we cannot choose which parts we do not want. At most we can pay more, right?

"However, it seemed that they wanted to clear the chicken breast since there was not much Hainanese chicken left.

"At this point, a rude young man that was cutting the chicken stepped in and scolded me, telling me to just accept what they said."

Joseph said he felt like he was being forced to accept what the stall wanted to sell without his requests being heard.

He added: "The man then used his knife and banged the wooden board, and raised his voice like he wanted to pick a fight. He also asked who am I? (LOL)

"Whoever the boss of this young man is, please fire him as this is not the first time he is so rude to customers.

"In the end, I was given half of a plate chicken breast."

The Stomper said he spent about 15 minutes queuing for the food, but the incident ruined his mood for the entire day.

"I would not go back and support this stall, and I would not recommend it to my friends or family," he told Stomp.

"That young man's customer service is really bad. He could have provided alternative options and not force customers to eat what they do not want.

"Raising your voice, acting cocky and using a knife to smash the wooden board is not a cool way to deal with your customers.

"If people do not eat chicken breast, do you force the person to eat chicken breast?"

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