Diner gets more than he bargained for when he finds feathers in his duck meat

Submitted by Stomper Zhengfeng

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Stomper Zhengfeng felt disgusted after finding feathers in duck meat from a packet of duck rice. 

His wife had gotten the takeaway from a London Duck branch at Northpoint City on Saturday (March 17) at 11.11am. 

According to Zhengfeng, the couple had eaten at the store before and found the food good, which was why his wife had ordered a takeaway from the shop. 

Said Zhengfeng:

“The feathers of the duck have not been plucked clean. 

“Not sure if this is a ‘London Duck’ special or not.”

Zhengfeng added that he has tried contacting Fei Siong, which runs the franchise over the incident but has yet to hear from them.