Diner accepts 'pretty pricey' $7 nasi padang at Far East Plaza -- until hearing what others paid

Submitted by Stomper JYJ

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A diner felt indignant after hearing what others paid for their meals at the same nasi padang eatery in Orchard Road on Saturday afternoon (July 22).

The stall in question is Mansor D'Cafe, which is located on the fourth floor of Far East Plaza.

Stomper JYJ said: "This is supposed to be a delicious nasi padang stall according to my foodie friends. I as excited to visit the place but left with mixed feelings.

"I visited the place on a Saturday afternoon, after the lunch crowd. There weren't many dishes left to choose from. But thankfully, the ayam goreng I wanted was still available. I ordered that with rice as this was meant to be more of a snack than a proper lunch.

"My plate of food cost $7. Just one ayam goreng and rice.

"It was the makcik at the stall who served the food. She generously offered gravy and sambal to me, which I was grateful for since I only ordered one dish (some stall owners might not like that).

"I thought the food was pretty pricey, though I also know this place is at Orchard Road so I didn't think much of it. Some Google reviews had also commented that the prices here were on the higher side."

However, the Stomper felt that the eatery's pricing was inconsistent after overhearing what two other customers were charged for their food.

JYJ recounted: "As I was eating, several others came to buy food. One person of the same race as the stall owners ordered ayam lemak, egg and another dish. The makcik charged her $7 too. I also heard the makcik offer that customer gravy and sambal.

"Later on, another person of the same race as me ordered at the stall. The person got one whole fried fish, tofu and an egg for $8. This was dished out by the pakcik.

"Both those customers are of the same gender as me. The prices for the three of us seemed a little inconsistent, though I can't be sure whether it is due to the person dishing out the food, the profile of the customer ordering or just the dishes ordered.

"Given the picture I shared of what I ordered and what I witnessed the other customers ordering, I think it's fair to say that the last point can be ruled out.

"I understand that stall owners want to do what they can to make money given inflation and a tougher economy, but it would be good if there can be more honesty and transparency when interacting with customers."