Diner confused by 'big price difference' between chicken and pork in 2 packets of rice

Submitted by Stomper Keane

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Not all meats are created equal.

A customer was left "angry and confused" after he was charged vastly different prices for two packets of rice, even though they both contained one vegetable and one meat.

Stomper Keane said the pricier set, which had chicken and brinjal, cost $4.20. However, he was charged $2.80 for the set with pork and brinjal.

Both packets of rice were purchased from the same stall at Block 25 Ghim Moh Link's Food Hub coffee shop on Jan 15, at around 12pm.

Keane told Stomp: "It was lunch time and not crowded.

"I feel angry and confused because there wasn't any special ingredient used to cook the meat, so I do not understand why the price difference is so big."

The Stomper's upset is understandable, especially since meats like beef and pork are known to be generally more expensive than poultry.

This is because the cost of raising cattle and pigs is higher than that of raising poultry.

"Cattle and pigs typically require more resources such as feed, land, and water, which contributes to higher production costs," one website stated.

In April 2023, The Straits Times reported that "in Singapore, lean pork retail prices rose to S$16.50 per kg in February 2023, from S$15.80 per kg in the same month a year ago".