Delivery rider slammed after saying he looks up 'chiobu customers' to see their pics

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Creepy or not?

A delivery rider's post about how he looks up his female customers on social media has raised some eyebrows -- and alarm bells.

Stomper Anonymous shared a screenshot of the man's Facebook post in a group for Grab drivers and GrabFood riders.

The man, surnamed Tan, had written: "If I deliver food to a chiobu customer, I will usually search her name on Facebook and instagam to see her pics."

His sentiments did not sit well with other netizens, with one commenting: "Thank you for letting everyone know you're such a freak."

Another user cautioned Tan about the post and said it might catch Grab's attention or spread to other platforms.

And indeed it has, on Stomp.

Tan appears to have heeded the advice though, as the post is no longer visible.

Anonymous told Stomp: "I have teenage daughters so obviously I am shocked, as my daughters regularly order from food delivery services. This risk worries me and has to be eliminated with better food delivery app options.

"This act also leads to voyeuristic behaviour and has to be put to a stop."