Delivery man throws parcel onto ground and shoves it with shoe, breaking glass item inside

Submitted by Stomper Leyna

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A delivery man was caught on camera throwing a parcel onto the ground and shoving it with his shoe.

Stomper Leyna said the parcel contained a glass water bottle, which was broken because of the J&T delivery man's actions.

She shared a video of the incident that occurred at Block 365 Bukit Batok Street 31 on Feb 17, at 4.26pm.

In the video, a loud thud can be heard as the deliveryman dumps Leyna's parcel onto the ground. He then pushes the package closer to the door with his shoe.

A woman is later seen coming out from her flat to collect the parcel.

Leyna told Stomp: "J&T delivered the parcel by throwing and kicking it and instead of handling with care."

Leyna, who has contacted J&T about the incident, added: "I am sad and angry."