Delivery guy throws package containing laptop sleeve at customer's door: 'He didn't even ring the bell'

Submitted by Stomper Von

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A Stomper was alarmed when she reviewed footage of a delivery man throwing a parcel at her door.

Stomper Von shared with Stomp footage of the act that happened on Wednesday (Apr 5) at about 11.36am.

She told Stomp she had ordered an item from Amazon.

"I want to share this is how Amazon delivers things," she said.

"He did not even ring the bell, he just threw it on the floor!"

When Stomp asked if the contents of the package were fragile she said: "Inside is a laptop sleeve that isn't fragile but that's not a good reason for him to throw it.

"People need to be more aware of this.

"Even with the camera there, he just threw the package and left.

"When I tried to reach out to Amazon, all I could do was rate the delivery service and all I got back from them was: 'We're so sorry to hear that.'"

Von shared the video on Facebook and got a reply in the comments from Amazon stating that they were 'unable to comprehend' her concern and asked her to elaborate.

"There’s not much to elaborate on as everything is already in the video and it is titled 'This is how Amazon delivers'," she said.

"I feel like they don’t really care about their customer’s concerns or their image or try to maintain it, because when I went to their Facebook page to contact them I have also seen numerous complaints about their service."

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