'Dangerous' flower pots on 2nd-storey parapet in Bukit Merah moved after delivery rider's feedback

Submitted by Stomper Peter Yeo

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A Grab delivery rider was making a food delivery in Bukit Merah when he spotted five flower pots hanging precariously over the parapet at Block 131B Kim Tian Road on Sept 7.

Stomper Peter Yeo was concerned enough that he sent a photo to Stomp.

"It is dangerous to be hanging flower pots in this manner," he said.

"Although they are only on the second level, if they fell on someone's head, the impact would be very disastrous."

Stomp conveyed Peter's feedback to the Tanjong Pagar Town Council.

The town council replied to Stomp on Sept 9: "We have spoken to the owner and they have removed the flower pots."

After Stomp told Peter the good news, he shared another photo of the block with the flower pots moved.

"They have shifted the plants inside as advised by the town council," said the Stomper.

"I'm glad that the town council did their job."