Cyclist who pounded on car assisting with police investigation into mischief, intentional harassment

Submitted by Stomper Ron

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Another road rage incident?

The 41-year-old cyclist who pounded on the bonnet of a car after being honked at is assisting with police investigations into a case of mischief and intentional harassment.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted on Sunday (Sept 10) at 9.07am to a dispute at the junction of Sungei Tengah Road and Brickland Road.

Stomper Ron shared his friend's dashcam videos of the incident, which have since gone viral.

"The cyclist road-raged against the driver," said the Stomper. "The driver did nothing wrong."

The first video shows the car slowing down to a stop behind a group of cyclists at the traffic junction.

When the light changed to green, the driver sounded his horn twice at the cyclists.

A cyclist in an orange-and-black jersey at the back of the pack turned to look at the car and as the car slowly went past the cyclist, he pounded on the bonnet twice with his fist.

The car stopped and the driver started arguing with the cyclist.

The second video, taken by the driver with his phone, shows the dent on his car as well as the cyclist, now off his bike without his helmet, taking his own video with his phone.

Police told Stomp that no injuries were reported and investigations are ongoing.

Last week, a cyclist was charged with harassment after a video of her stopping in front of a car and clinging onto the bonnet went viral in June.

If convicted of harassment, Nicolette Tan Shi-en, 32, can be jailed for up to six months and fined up to $5,000.